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  • Great for in the desert, camping, in the woods, or in your back yard
  • You won't smell like campfire after you are done using for the night
  • Burns clean and hot without having to tend to the fire all night
  • Recommend using diesel, kerosene, or even cooking oil for a clean burning fuel option
  • Holds 7gallons of diesel, lasts 10-14 hours on one tank of fuel
At The Track

Smudge pots are amazing at any track. Whether its for kids sports like BMX, at the moto track or even if you are camping for Nascar. Helps keep those cold nights warm and more enjoyable. They are easy to pack along in the trailer or bed of the truck and diesel is readily available on the way to where ever you are heading.

In The Woods

These are amazing for camping. They are easy to transport and you don't have to tend to them all night like you do a wood fire. You go to bed not smelling like campfire smoke and you are warmer than if you used a propane pit.

In The Backyard

While these seem like they would be unnecessary, they are an amazing addition to a backyard. If you like to enjoy nights out back with friends or family or even while grilling these provide a great amount of heat without the need to constantly be tending to.

What is a smudge pot?

A smudge pot is a portable device with a container for some form of fuel (never gasoline) This fuel can be one of many different types, including cooking oil, diesel fuel, and kerosene, and burns slowly. The heat escapes through a chimney at the top, warming the surrounding area. This makes them the perfect option for camping or hunting, where you may need to stay still for long periods.

How do they work?

You load fuel into a round base and burn it. This produces heat for the surrounding area. Due to the nature of how these devices release heat through a chimney, they can heat whole areas with relatively little fuel.

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