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Jade Signature S.E. Kansas Blend

"The Best Bang for Your Buck"

Superior Heard Health & Maximum Antler Growth

Jade Signature SE Kansas Blend was developed by our K-State nutrition consultants and is packed with science! We are aware that a deer's age and genetics play a role in a deer's health and body size, but proper diet and nutrition supplements have a HUGE EFFECT!

After careful analysis of the extremely important phosphorus to calcium ratio (the primary make-up of antlers) as well as salt content, our Jade Signature SE Kansas Blend was then formulated to be the perfect combination of ingredients for getting tip-top results.

Through K-State science, technology, and experience, every bite of our Jade Signature SE Kansas Blend will ensure your herd's superior health, growth, and reproduction efficiency.

That means the best bucks - year after year! And don't forget the does! Does benefit greatly from access to proper nutrition before and during pregnancy.

This is so essential to the next generation of deer. Proper nutrition at birth builds bigger, healthier bodies - so essential to large well-developed racks.

Whether you are a hunter, breeder, or land manager, our Jade Signature SE Kansas Blend will make you the very best you can be.

Let Jade Signature SE Kansas Blend be a part of your deer health program!

Nutrition Analysis:

Crude Protein: 16%

Calcium: 1.39%

Manganese: 192.9ppm

Magnesium: .3%

Phosphorus: .61%

Fat: 4.72%

Salt: .77%

Selenium: .9ppm

Copper: 85ppm

Vitamin D: 3051IU/lb.

Fiber: 10%

Zinc: 233ppm

Vitamin A: 20928IU/lb.

Vitamin E: 541IU/lb.


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Feed free-choice as nutritional supplement for animals browsing in natural conditions.

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